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Welcome To CrossPrison Ranks! You can buy a Rank/Extra with a PayPal or Credit Card. All donations go straight to the server and will work on upgrading to it's full potential. When donating, remember:

> No Refunds.

> No Chargebacks

> You can still be banned!

> You can still apply for staff!

> You will recieve your items every reset!

> All donation problems MUST be posted on the forums! > If you chargeback, we will ban you! > Don't let other players donate for you! It causes trouble in the future for both of us! For more information, read the BuyCraft legal terms and conditions. BuyCraft legal T&C: http://buycraft.net/info/legal Abusing/Breaking rules will result in a Ban WITHOUT refund. ? Support: CrossedPvP@Live.com ?

Donate Issues: CrossedPvP@Live.com                                            

- Miletic


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